1) Who do I contact if I received blood during the period of January 1, 1986- to July 1, 1990?

Please contact the Administrator of the 1986-1990 Settlement Agreement:
• by telephone: 1 877 434-0944
• by e-mail:
• or visit:

2) I received compensation from the Red Cross Settlement. Can I apply?

Yes. However, 8/11ths of the amount that has been paid will be deducted.
You may contact the Pre-1986/Post-1990 Hepatitis C Settlement Administrator:


by telephone: our toll-free number is 1 866 334-3361
by e-mail: preposthepc@crawco.ca


3) I received compensation from the provincial programs. Can I apply?

Yes. You may contact the Administrator at the aforementioned coordinates to obtain the claim forms package.

4) I received compensation from the provincial program. Will this compensation be deducted?

No deduction will be made from any Provincial/Territorial compensation programs/plans relating to Blood received in Canada.

5) I received compensation from the 1986-1990 Hepatitis C Settlement Agreement. Can I apply?

No. However, if you received compensation but you were subsequently disqualified from that settlement, you can apply. A percentage (8/11ths) of any compensation received will be deducted.

6) How do I obtain my blood transfusion records?

In order to find Blood transfusion records, you can check with the following:


hospital records department;
hospital blood bank;
the family doctor;
the specialist who is/was treating the HCV Infected Class Member for his or her Hepatitis C;
the doctor(s) who treated the HCV Infected Class Member while he or she was in the hospital.


If the transfusion records are destroyed, the Administrator requires a written confirmation from the hospital confirming their destruction and how records came to be destroyed.

7) What is the deadline to apply?

The final deadline to apply was June 30, 2016.

8) Can family members apply?

Family Members of alive HCV Infected Class Members approved at Disease Level 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 were eligible for compensation.

Family Members of deceased HCV Infected Class Members who had attained Disease Level 4 or higher prior to death were eligible for compensation if the infection with HCV materially contributed to the death.
Family Members must have submitted an application form to the Administrator within one year after the date of approval of an application for compensation under this Agreement by or on behalf of the HCV Infected Class Member or within one year of the claimant attaining his or her age of majority, whichever was the last to occur. 

9) What is the deadline for Dependants?

Dependants must have submitted an application form to the Administrator within one year after the death of the HCV Infected Class Member or within two years after the Implementation Date or within one year of the claimant attaining his or her age of majority, whichever event was the last to occur.

10) Is there a different claim forms package for family members?

Yes. You may contact the Administrator at the following coordinates to obtain the package:


by telephone: our toll-free number is 1 866 334-3361
by e-mail: preposthepc@crawco.ca


11) Who can be a witness when signing the Release?

A person who has reached the age of majority in his or her province can witness the signing of the Release.

12) When signing my Release, how many signatures are required?


Generally, the claimant needs to sign and date his/her Release only once and have his/her signature witnessed.

For minors and mentally incompetent adults, we require the personal representative’s signature.  In some situations, additional signatures are required. For example, for estate claims, all executors must sign the Release and in the province of Quebec, both parents of a minor must sign the Release.


13) Can I fax my Release? 

No, we must receive all three (3) pages of the Full and Final Release by mail.


14) Is there a deadline for cashing my cheque? 

No, however the cheque may become stale-dated after six months and need to be re-issued.


15) I received my Approval letter but don’t agree with the disease level. Can I appeal this decision? 

An appeal of the Administrator’s decision must be filed within 30 days of receipt of the approval letter, failing which the decision will be final and binding.


16) I received my disease level payment. If my condition worsens, can I apply at a higher disease level? 

No, in this Settlement Agreement, the disease level compensation is based on current disease level and the probability of disease progression.


17) Are original documents returned to claimants?

 Original legal documents will be returned to the claimant, personal representative or legal representative on file.  If they’re not received, please submit your request in writing (signed & dated). We encourage you to keep copies of your forms and supporting claim documentation.


18) My long form birth certificate is in a language other than English or French.  Do I need to have it translated? 

We can review the document, but you may be required to provide a notarized certified translation as well.


19) I have a change of address. How do I notify you of this change? 

Please advise us in writing via mail or fax and provide us with your old and new home addresses as well as the date and your signature.


20) The allocated time to submit further evidence for my Rejected claim has almost expired. How do I obtain more time if I need it? 

Send a written request for more time indicating the reason you have not been able to provide the documents in the time frame initially granted. The Administrator will respond in writing to requests for time extensions.


21) Who do I talk to if I have questions about my Appeal?  

After you submit a Request for Review for an Appeal you will be dealing directly with Fund Counsel, Ms. Janie Larocque. Upon receipt of your Appeal, she will send you a letter with her contact information.


22)  I had appealed the amount of compensation on my claim and now wish to proceed with the Original Approval. How do I go about this? 

You may advise both Fund Counsel and the Administrator in writing that you want to proceed with your original Approval amount. Then you may submit your Original Release signed and dated directly to the Administrator.